Welcome to my post, people!! If you want to learn some fast and easy social media hacks and tricks, then you have come to the right post. The hacking of social media accounts happens per second worldwide. From Email, Instagram, Twitter to Youtube, Facebook, and other online accounts, there’s plenty of hacking going around. Even with strong passwords and robust security measures, your account is still prone to hacking.

Although, in many cases, high security can be helpful for hackers. Yes, You probably read this and wonder what we are talking about. But, not to worry, keep reading; we’ll get to that part soon.

Let’s begin with Something easy and popular.

Good Old Brute Force Attack

How does it work? A brute force attack in practice is a trial and error method. Imagine trying to guess a specific password like an Email account that belongs to someone you know. How can you do it? You can find things that come to mind like a number and character combinations like date of birth, street name, special date, or pet’s name.

For example, where your friend’s password is 54321.123 or Boulevard123street, you may have no trouble guessing the password. However, if the password is 56789.012.738 or Slovika_avenue.14567 or (pet name) plus symbols, it becomes a challenge.
Enter Bruteforce, which can guess these password combinations but one hundred times faster than our brain. It can also do trial-and-error one million times faster than a human.

The downside is that, like human beings, these tools may not easily bypass protection. Oh yes! I mean “too many attempts, please come back later” or “prove you are human and pick traffic lights… Some advanced tools can bypass this kind of protection. They’re not a lot, but I have a favorite one that I will recommend to readers. If you are lazy and don’t think you want to sit in front of your computer spend years of your life, you need some excellent brute force tools like Xcore.

NO, I do not motivate you to hacking friends/girlfriend, boyfriend, or random people passwords. You can sufficiently use this to recover your old forgotten password!

How To Hack Social Media Accounts

Since 2019, many social media accounts now to protect their account more securely. In today’s issue, we’ll talk about how to hack a social media account. Or social media platforms based on guessing the password and inattention of the user. We can already conclude that hacking the page through special scripts and encoder files is extremely difficult. For such a job, yo0u require an experienced hacker with programmer skills.

Best Way To Hack Social Media Account

There are two main attack vectors here: the company side and the user side.

The company side is the bit that the company controls. i.e., the hardware (e.g., servers) and software (including source code, databases, and other digital constructs). This method is what we would call a “server-side attack,” and especially with big companies, server-side attacks are challenging to pull off. Don’t get me wrong, there are vulnerabilities in the actual web apps themselves, but finding one is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing.

It’s much, much easier to attack the user directly and make them give up the credentials (knowingly or otherwise). There are a wide variety of different ways that you could get into a social media account with this vector. I will list a few below, but there are many more:

Phishing (or potentially spear phishing)

As another answer details, phishing is a social engineering-based attack where you send the targets an email designed to take advantage of them in some way. You can sometimes combine this attack with a spoofed website. You can copy it exactly and serve to the targets (in this case, through the phishing email) so that when the victims enter their credentials into the faked website, they unwittingly send their details to the attacker. An excellent spoofed website will appear seamless and automatically log the user into the actual website to avoid arousing suspicion. If the attacker is particularly clever, they could potentially even circumvent two-factor authentication with this method.

I should note that the difference between phishing and spear phishing is simply the targeting: phishing is a scatter-gun style attack directed at a large group of people, whereas spear phishing is an attack explicitly aimed at a single (or small group) of targets.

Malware Keyloggers

Malware keyloggers would be another good way of attacking social media accounts (connect on LinkedIn). If I can get a keylogger onto your computer (which also means getting around your antivirus, if you have one), then I can see everything you type, including usernames and passwords. Getting the keylogger onto your computer is relatively simple and could be accomplished in various ways, depending on how aware you are of potential cyber threats. That said, this method would not allow an attacked to circumvent two-factor authentification, so it’s limited in that regard.

If you’ve allowed your browser to save your passwords, an attacker could potentially access the cached passwords and break into your account that way. This method will be the first thing I try if I can physically access the target machine, although it’s a lot lower down the list if the attack is made remotely (although one could still accomplish it).

Combining this with cookie alteration might even be able to bypass two-factor authentication. Put, if an attacker intercepts your network traffic, then they can see everything you send and receive. SSL (HTTPS) does a lot to protect against this, but the attacker might get lucky and capture Something interesting. If they capture the cookie containing your session ID, the attacker could potentially edit their cookie to match and trick the website into thinking that they are you.

Proper Social Engineering With A Dash Of OSINT

The attacker could sit down and work out a list of logical passwords for you (potentially even using tools such as CeWL to analyze your social media). They might even be able to trick you into giving them the password in conversation.

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