Hacking a database, for whatever reasons, requires specific sets of skills, tools, and experience. Corporations have been hiring professional hackers for vulnerability tests and penetration testing to reveal weaknesses in their database infrastructure. Professional hackers also provide services for individuals who are losing their phones or having hacked devices. While specific reasons create demands of professional hacking services, finding one who knows deeply about a database could still be tricky for some people. Check how you can hire a professional hacker to hack a database below.

Ethical Hacking Firms

Many companies hire ethical hacking firms or service providers for penetration testing and vulnerability tests. Ethical hackers refer to white hat hackers who work to reveal the weakness of database infrastructure for the sake of security enhancements. These tasks differentiate white hat hackers from black hat hackers who send malicious attacks to database systems to disrupt or steal data.
Suppose your company’s database system is at risk. In that case, you may need to contact an ethical hacker to run sets of tests that would inform you of current vulnerabilities and the improvements that you should immediately take. At this point, the hackers must have extensive experience in hacking database systems and comprehend new attacks or threats.

Online Services

Once you go online, you’d easily find various business sites offering hacking services. These sites provide a diverse range of ethical hacking services for networking, application, infrastructure, mobile applications, industrial systems, cloud systems, and so forth. The others provide services for clients with hacked phones for cyber-security needs. When you’re shopping around online hacking services, check whether they can hack databases and have extensive experience in the field.
However, they won’t likely help you put SQL injection into your competitor’s or friend’s database system. Those hackers with good exposure in search engines are primarily ethical hackers. They work on a set of conducts and written agreements signed by two parties: client and hacker.

Browsing Marketplace

Marketplaces now come with broader services provided by talented freelancers, including hackers. These hackers are professional service providers that work based on projects, orders, or hours you hire them for. You can browse the best hackers in these markets and find one that can help you with database hacking. However, these hackers are still under “ethical hacking rules” to comply with the platform’s terms and conditions.

Choosing a freelance hacker could be tricky if you don’t know where to start, but you can check our tips below:

  • Browse top sellers or hourlies
  • Check the reputation of hackers
  • Check their service coverage and experience in database hacking
  • Get the quotes for your project
  • Getting Referrals

If this is your very first time hiring a hacker, you better get referrals or recommendations about the ones you should hire. Just like shopping around services or products, suggestions would be insightful when choosing a hacker to hire. Whether it’s your colleagues, friends, or community members, get the referrals about the hackers. These would also provide you with an overview of the user experience and success rates.

Connecting to Dark Web

Another chance of getting hackers willing to hack a database system is by connecting to a Dark Web. The dark web marketplace hosts “black hat” services and is home to non-ethical hackers. You‘d need a particular browser and connection to dark web marketplaces as they won’t appear on your Google search engine results. Using a dark web could be risky as you’re not subject to any privacy policy. However, dark webs are getting more popular, and the systems are transforming into somewhat similar light web marketplaces.

At this point, you can browse the service on the dark web marketplace and find notable hackers appear on the platform. Some dark web marketplaces also have rating systems that represent the reliability and satisfaction rate. The rest is up to you whether or not you want to hire them for your projects. You proceed with the dark web at your own risk because no one would step in for any frauds, scams, or other cyber crimes committed on the dark web platforms.

Finding on Social Media

Social media is where interests are well-managed through social networking. Some hackers offer services through social media groups or the marketplace. You can try niche cyber-security, ethical hacking, or other categories to find hackers on social media platforms. However, you should beware of scammers targeting desperate victims. It’s simply because the demand for hacking services is very high, and people who are very active in social media platforms typically search for solutions there.
You can start with joining a cyber-security-related group and looking for hackers who can hack databases. The group members would recommend or tag someone that refers to who you should contact. Some talents may contact you directly via private messages and offer their services. The good news is that you can get referrals and recommendations from this kind of group. Furthermore, you can obtain valuable updates about database hacking.

Opening a Thread

If researching multiple platforms seems too tedious, you may consider opening a thread or “want to buy” gig on the marketplaces or forums. Then, talents would bid and come to you instead of you coming to them. Then, of course, you can sort the hackers, but you may also have the best offers for their services.

Your job is to define the requirements and preferences on how the hacker should perform database hacking and the necessary details. Still, you’d have to research the hackers who’ve applied for your projects before hiring them. Ensure that you use the escrow service whenever available in the platform to secure your transaction.

For example, You can open a thread or bid on the demoninvader platform with your hacking requirement and select the best hacker that suits your needs. Learn more on how to hire a verified hacker.


There are different ways to hire a hacker to hack a database system. If it’s for a vulnerability or penetration test, hiring an ethical hacker is your best shot. Either way, hackers must have a proven successful background in hacking a database.

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