Hacking a cell phone without physically touching it could be a daunting task, but it is possible. There are some ways to hack a cell phone remotely. When successful, a hacker can access various hacked features, including monitoring call and message logs, viewing activities, recording keystrokes, access to accounts, and even taking over control of the phone. Check out some remote cell phone hacking methods below.

Credential Phishing

Today, people are using a smartphone that links or synchronized to their emails. At this point, gaining credentials would give you full access to their device. Hackers can use phishing to extract credentials by directing targets to fake websites, copying big names of e-commerce, corporation, or brand name. Today, fake websites used for phishing can convincingly mimic the actual sites and get more advanced. The question might arise, how to target a specific tool?

Only when the target accesses and inputs their information can hackers retrieve the credential and hack into phones. Users wouldn’t detect phishing activities at all as the targeted phone has no anti-virus protection software installed. When people provide information to that fake website, they might not realize it.

Spam Messaging

Accessing user’s Google accounts allow you to access the phone entirely. These including social media accounts, financial accounts, social accounts, educations, lifestyle, and many more. You can access pretty much everything someone is doing through their phone as you can access the Google account that tracks user’s activities.

Hackers use the spam messaging technique to gain access to Google account by acquiring security codes as they don’t have passwords. Since Google sends the verification to targeted devices through messages, hackers launch spam messaging to capture access to that security code.
The procedure starts with attempting to log in with a targeted cell phone number hacked as forgot password.

Google would send a security code to the targeted number. Hacker sends spam messages declaring themselves as Google authority to require the code, which the victim releases. Once you get the security code, you can set up a new password and take over the Google accounts to access their smartphone.

Wi-Fi Interception

Another way to hack into a cell phone is by intercepting communications through Wi-Fi connections. The primary modus operandi is setting up a free Wi-Fi network with the hope of the targeted phone connecting to it. It could be a café, public space, co-working space, or anywhere the victim is. Once they connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, you can intercept unencrypted traffic of the targeted phone through the network.

This hacking event gives hackers limited access to messages or emails of the successfully hacked phone usually transmitted without encryption. This method requires the hacker to be in the same area with the target where the hotspot can reach both of them. Hackers can only read unencrypted emails or messages but can’t take control of the phone.

Using Spy App

You can use cell phone hacking software, including spy apps or spyware, to easily hack a cell phone. It has become the most popular way to hack into smartphones and other mobile devices due to its ease and instant operation. You do not have to be a hacker to perform it. Today, there are hundreds of spy apps available on the internet you can download and use. They allow you to view various activities on the hacked files.
Spy apps come with a spectrum of features and functionality. These may include reading emails, GPS tracking, online & social media monitoring, keylogger, recording phone calls, Wi-Fi log, and even controlling the hacked phone. Depending on what you want to achieve from the hacking event, spy apps can provide different functionalities. Learn the specification before deciding to use a spy app.

Using Keylogger

When it comes to Android smartphones, hackers can gain adequate access to cell phone hacking tools like keylogger apps. Phone monitoring apps give you similar functions, but keyloggers give you a more specific role. Keylogger records keystrokes performed in the targeted Android phone. These include when they type words or passwords in emails, social media platform, chatting platform, e-commerce, or even bank account.

Using a keylogger gives you valuable records of input that can lead to broader access. At some point, you would possibly see the records of the passwords input to the websites or applications by the user so you can use them to hack into their accounts. There are various keyloggers available on the internet. Research on hacking forums would give you clues of the ones you should use.

Control Message

You can send a control message to the targeted phone to take control of the phone. Whenever successful, you can access the phone setting and change the configurations, including disabling SSL services to stop devices from encrypting. Depending on the goals you want to achieve, using a control message can help you wipe out all data on the device, including performing unrecoverable factory data reset.
However, control message methods may not work on all smartphones and devices. The success would depend on the security protection used and the security settings of the devices.

Hacking Into SS7 Protocols

Mobile networks have been employing signaling system 7(SS7) to provide call forwarding or roaming services. When you can hack into the SS7 protocols, you’d be able to track and locate the targeted phone you want to hack as long as you know the number. If successful, you can monitor phone calls and text message logs. However, most people are no longer SMS and regular calling services, so they may not get optimum functionality by hacking into this protocol. On the other hand, I can’t capture chatting or private messages on applications.


Hacking into a cell phone can be done remotely in various ways, majorly by intercepting the communication, installing spy or keylogger app, and phishing credentials of Google account. The security settings, types of devices, and the suitable method determine the success of a hacking attempt. As easy as it sounds, remote cell phone hacking is no child’s play. That is why we advise you to hire a hacker for all your hacking needs. It will save your time and protect your privacy which is not guaranteed when you attempt it yourself. 

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