Bitcoin is a popular type of cryptocurrency in today’s digital world. A lot of people are expressing interest in purchasing Bitcoins. This trend is thanks to the rapid increase in bitcoin prices. People are buying from famous sites like Paybis, Coinbase, Coinmama, Localbitcoins, Paxful, and others. Bitcoin is rising steadily, at an incredible pace. Many countries around the world now use this type of cryptocurrency.

However, before you invest in Bitcoin, you need to know how to buy and save it in the future. After you conclude this article, you will know that the art of purchasing Bitcoin is quick and easy to understand. 

Our guide below will help to choose a genuine Bitcoin wallet from reputable websites like Coinbase and Blockchain. After buying bitcoins, you can store your Bitcoin on these sites. You will also need to consider the features of the online wallet you want to use.

Below is a Complete Guide of What You Need to Know Before delving into Bitcoin:

STEP 1: Select an online Bitcoin wallet

There are a number of online Bitcoin wallet. They can help you store your Bitcoin until you decide to sell it. Each wallet has its own unique feature that attracts traders and investors to make use of them.

Some of these Features Include the following:

 When processing a transaction online or offline, Security is a very crucial aspect to consider. There are a lot of Bitcoin wallets in the crypto market today. However, investors do not use a lot of them due to security issues and concerns. To be safe, you need to evaluate the Security of each Bitcoin wallet. You can do so through their customer review and their platform’s KYC verification process.

Availability of Customer Support

 A website that offers monetary services but has no customer support will not attract users. It is important to choose a Bitcoin wallet that offers genuine customer support and are readily available. It is immaterial if the online support is via e-mail only. What is essential is the response timeframe. Take into consideration how long support takes to solve issues that concern their services.

Transaction Fees are Low

When choosing a wallet, consider the amount the site will charge you to send money out. Even when you buy and sell your Bitcoin from the same wallet. Blockchain is an example of a wallet that does not charge any token when sending coins to a user with the same type of wallet. However, when sending to other users with different wallets, you will incur several fees.

Transactions Processing Time

 A wallet with very fast processing time is usually popular with a lot of users. It usually helps with buying, selling, and managing your Bitcoin without hassle.

You must take these features into consideration when you want to choose a good online wallet to save your Bitcoin.

STEP 2: Do a further Evaluation of the online Bitcoin wallet 

Whenever you want to invest in Bitcoin through personal wallets online, you need to consider how compatible the website is based on usage. People invest in Bitcoin, sometimes, with the intention of spending the benefits of shopping from stores online. Try spending only a little amount to buy items. Then, invest the rest in a secure online Bitcoin wallet. These investments will help you in the future. You can conveniently order more shoes with your benefits!!!! 

STEP 3: Available Payment Methods

Nowadays, most of the available payment methods are not compatible with a lot of countries. Let us consider this, Coinbase, a popular online Bitcoin wallet, offers various payment options. They range from debit to credit and bank cards. However, it does not support PayPal. This hitch is why Bitcoin investors choosing a Bitcoin wallet should consider their current location when making a choice. No online Bitcoin trader will accept deals with direct cash. You will, therefore, need to contract a third-party service, whether your online or local bank.

Most online Bitcoin Traders offer the following payment methods :


Skrill (money brokers)


Western Union 

 Debit and credit card

 Perfect money


 Moneygram, and so on.

There exist several payment methods, to use in buying bitcoins online. For example, offers hundreds of payment methods. You can start buying Bitcoins through these means. Most payment methods usually require dealing firsthand with only verified Bitcoin sellers on the two platforms. You can also check each seller’s reviews and verification on the website. Once you are satisfied, you can proceed with your Bitcoin order.

STEP 4: Start Buying Bitcoin

Before you start buying Bitcoins, you should be ready to pass through the KYC verification process. This process will prevent and protect you from scams. Online Bitcoin traders conduct the verification process. This process will ensure that users carrying out transactions on their sites are humans and not robots.

After a successful evaluation, try buying more Bitcoin. The important thing to consider when acquiring Bitcoin is the present value. Bitcoin prices usually vary drastically from time to time. The good news about Bitcoin is that you can spend a huge amount on buying it, but you may end up getting a little fraction. After buying your Bitcoin, you can either hold it, sell it off, convert, or trade with it later. All of these choices depend on the market rate/value of Bitcoin in the future.


Many people who have interest in investing in cryptocurrency often have difficulty in choosing the perfect online. With, the steps above-, you can choose what will suit you. You can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin in the comfort of your home without hassle. It will teach you about things to consider when picking an online Bitcoin wallet.